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Soft Play Areas

Playground flooring is the rubber surfacing used in children's play areas, parks, recreation grounds, schools and nurseries, gardens, caravan parks and commercial playgrounds. The safety of our children is our highest priority and our playground surfacing products significantly reduce the risk of injuries; providing a safe, enjoyable environment for children to play in.

Pozzolanic Surfaces offers the perfect solution for those looking for a safe, stylish and seamless rubber surface for playgrounds and recreation areas. Our brightly coloured, non-slip, playground surface compliments play equipment perfectly and most importantly, provides a safe surface for children to play on. Our playground floors are specifically designed to reduce the incidence of injuries from slipping and tripping, as well as reduce the impact of falls from equipment.

Our surfaces are:

  • Safe – Playground flooring is made up of properties that are specifically designed to minimise impact by cushioning falls and trips. Both our wet pour rubber and rubber mulch surfaces are also formed of slip-resistance textures, ensuring maximum safety for children. 
  • Durable – the surface is highly durable and resistant to wear, making it perfect for heavy use areas. 
  • Smart – Playground floors are a smart choice; they’re incredibly practical, and long lasting.
  • Flexible – perfect for shaped areas and can be used to create decorative patterns in playgrounds. 
  • Easy to maintain – low maintenance, With no dirt produced, it just requires sweeping. the occasional jetwash
  • Colourful – playground surfacing is available in a wide range of bright colours, which allows you to get creative and design a play area that kids will love! Logos, designs etc can also be incorporated.
  • Noise resistant – the properties of rubber mulch and wet pour flooring actually absorb reduce noise levels. Large groups of kids can be very noisy when they play – a rubber surface helps to contain some of that noise. 
  • Fast Installation – use your playground flooring 1 day after installation

Rubber Bark Flooring system provides the look of real bark without the associated maintenance.

Rubber Bark System is mixed and laid onsite as a wet pour product. The finished surface provides a seamless and porous system whilst providing a natural looking finish. The porosity of the product allows water to pass through to avoid any slippery areas as well as allowing landscaped areas to thrive.

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