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Resin Patios

Traditional paved patios are so yesterday, why not start fresh and install a resin patio? With many years of experience in the supply and installation of resin patio for both residential and commercial area, Pozzolanic Surfaces is the best team to call for the job.

What do we use for our Resin patio Installation?

The Stonex 1-3mm

Stonex 1-3mm is a natural stone that is known for its ability to give a seamless smooth but textured look upon binding together. If you want a coloured resin patio, this material also comes in a variety of colour. As a porous product, water will drain naturally and your resin patio will dry more quickly.

How about other surfaces?

Aside from patios, Pozzolanic Surfaces expertise extends to installing resin driveways, swimming pool surrounds, resin paths, resin balconies and playground flooring.

What is a Resin Bound Surface and Why Should I Install It?

A resin bound surface is a type of flooring system that is made by combining rubber and/or an aggregate. This type of surface can be coloured or natural depending on your preference. This mixture is best-installed in residential and commercial areas.

What makes this flooring popular is its smooth, permeable but extremely durable surface. With these qualities, it also means that it is practical and functional, not to mention that it has an awesome aesthetic appeal.

By installing Pozzolanic Surfaces’ resin patio you get the following advantages:

  • Durable
  • Easy Access for bikes
  • Low Maintainance
  • High Slip Resistance
  • Weed Resistant
  • Adaptable
  • Permeable
  • Quick Installation

Why Choose Pozzolanic Surfaces?

By choosing Pozzolanic Surfaces to do the installation, you get the years of training and expertise that we have in supplying and installing resin-based surfaces and decorative flooring. This reflects in our workmanship. Pozzolanic Surfaces is a national company and we do our installation across the UK. We also encourage you to check out our finished projects and see what we can do for you!

How much will resin patio cost?

If you are already thinking of having resin patios installed and is curious about the price. Here are some factors that the pricing will depend on:

  • Size and colour of the material
  • Use of edging
  • Use of UV-stable or non-stable resin
  • The complexity of the layout of the installation Area
  • Duration of the Installation Process

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