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Outdoor Pool Surrounds

At Pozzolanic Surfaces, we pride ourselves on ensuring the safety of our products without sacrificing its aesthetic value. We recognise the need for safety whilst around the pool, that’s why our products create non-slip, seamless and attractive pool surrounds that are in keeping with the environment. Additionally, Pozzolanic Surfaces pool surround delivers a smooth, foot-friendly and durable surface.

Take a look at the products we recommend that can be your best choice in creating a stunning and versatile oudoor pool surrounds:

Rubbaflex fg

If you are looking for something that will retain the brightness appearance of your outdoor pool, Rubbaflex fg is your top choice. What’s more, the finest EPDM granules combined with the best polyurethane resins ensure that your pool is a non-slip area and ideal for small children due to its absorbent surface.

Stonex 1-3mm

If you want to elevate your outdoor pool surrounds’ appearance and wish for the same colour to last and remain throughout its lifetime, we recommend Stonex 1-3mm which consists of natural quartz or coloured quartz combined with UV stable polyurethane resins.

Ideal for both Outdoor and Indoor Swimming Pool Surrounds!


The resin bound swimming pool surrounds paving that we supply and install is a practical alternative to concrete, decking and paving slabs. Pozzolanic Surfaces swimming pool surrounds reduces the appearance of puddles making it a lot safer than the other types of swimming pool surrounds.


By choosing Pozzolanic Surfaces swimming pool surrounds, you choose a practical yet stylish alternative to tiles, vinyl and rubber. Keep in mind that this resin-based surround can be installed with a permeable or a sealed finish depending on your preference.

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