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Restaurant flooring and pub flooring

In commercial establishments such as pubs and restaurants, one of the features that could make or break the business’ reputation is the entire flooring. The appearance of the store’s surfaces is one of the aspects customers tend to notice initially upon entering and one of the basis they use to asses and rate the business.

Furthermore, compared with residential flooring, pubs and restaurants are more prone to spills and dirt due to the constant heavy foot traffic of the customers and staff.

Here at Pozzolanic Surfaces, we understand that floorings in such places do not only have to be aesthetically pleasing and inviting but should also be hard wearing and easy to maintain.

To achieve the type of finish required for these commercial areas, here are the products we highly recommend:

Stonex 1-3mm

A restaurant or pub owner’s desire to go for a bona fide or contemporary look can be easily achieved with a blend of 1-3mm coloured or natural stones.


Microscreed is designed to look like polished concrete to give each floor its own genuine appearance. In order to help you make an informed decision if you are thinking about installing microscreed in your establishment, we have prepared a guide regarding ‘how much poured polished concrete costs per m2’ for your pub or restaurant to achieve a more industrial look.

Stonex 1-3mm

Can be used both outdoors and indoors, the Stones 1-3 mm is a natural coloured stone that binds together to form a smooth but textured surface. For office and shop flooring, Stonex 1-3mm should be pore filled so debris doesn’t have to accumulate in the spaces between the stones.

Comfort Floors

These are seamless resin floors that provide some elasticity, cushioning and noise reduction. Comfort floors are ideal for office and shop floors as they are low maintenance and hygienic.


Microcement imitates the decorative finish of an industrial polished concrete flooring. Most commercial premises utilise this option when they want to have a more affordable alternative to polished concrete that gives the same feel. Additionally, no two finishes are the same so you are sure to have a flooring that is unique to you.

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