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Poured floors

The original: comfortable and durable resin flooring perfect for your home

Our Pozzolanic system is soft and warm underfoot, perfect with or without underfloor heating and durable enough to withstand everyday use.

Environmentally Safe

HomeSphere is a practical build up of our biopolymer resin – making it easy to clean and maintain and environmentally-sustainable.

And therefore safe for your home

  • Made from natural biopolymers
  • No harmful emissions in your home
  • Free from solvents and impurities

MC Poured Solo

Our poured resin floors create a contemporary look for any flooring project.

Whether it is within the home or a smart commercial environment, this material is both beautiful to the eye and durable. The smooth finish ensures that it is easy to clean.

MC Poured Solo resin floors can be tailored to suit the colour palette of your project. We can replicate colours on the RAL or NCS colour systems, which means hundreds of colours are at  your disposal to match, co-ordinate or contrast with the other elements of your design.

Your seamless, poured resin floor can be tailored to suit the colour palette of your project.

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