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Office flooring and shop flooring

An office flooring is important in the over all vibe of your work space. To achieve a professional office or shop flooring, Pozzolanic Surfaces can provide you premium service and products.

Utilising our experience in installing office and shop flooring, we can offer surfacing solutions that are professional and durable.

We have a variety of flooring products that can be used to complete your office and shop and we ensure that they are in line with the finish you want to achieve.

Stonex Sand

Stonex sand is made of fine coloured quartz combined with an epoxy binder and sealed by a polyurethane finishing coat. Floors that are applied with Stonex Sand are extremely hard and durable with a seamless finish. The choice of colours is limitless so you can achieve a finish that is unique to your requirement.

Stonex 1-3mm

Can be used both outdoors and indoors, the Stones 1-3 mm is a natural coloured stone that binds together to form a smooth but textured surface. For office and shop flooring, Stonex 1-3mm should be pore filled so debris doesn’t have to accumulate in the spaces between the stones.

Comfort Floors

These are seamless resin floors that provide some elasticity, cushioning and noise reduction. Comfort floors are ideal for office and shop floors as they are low maintenance and hygienic.


Microcement imitates the decorative finish of an industrial polished concrete flooring. Most commercial premises utilise this option when they want to have a more affordable alternative to polished concrete that gives the same feel. Additionally, no two finishes are the same so you are sure to have a flooring that is unique to you.

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