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Factory Flooring

At Pozzolanic Surfaces, we pride ourselves on ensuring the safety of our products without sacrificing its aesthetic value.

For industrial environments, there are only a few surfaces that endure intense wear and tear and one of those is a factory floor. Factory floors vary and are dependent on the way it is used and the traffic requirements.

Did you know that whatever your floor requirement is, whether it is for slip resistance, mechanical loading, chemical loading or a tough decorative floor, there will be a resin floor that will suit your needs?

To achieve the type of finish required for these commercial areas, here are the products we highly recommend:


Epoxy Coatings and Self-Leveller

If your priority is to protect your flooring from heavy foot traffic then epoxy coatings and self-levellers are the best material for you to use.

PU Screed

Polyurethane Screeds or PU screeds will give your floor a good resistance against fats, acids, and chemical exposure. So, if you are to work in an industry or area that is exposed to chemical loading, this type of flooring is ideal for you to use.

Stonex Sand

Stonex sand is made of fine quartz combined with an epoxy binder. If you think that you need extra durability for your commercial area then use this. Floors that are applied with Stonex Sand are extremely hard and durable.

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