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Car showroom flooring

Preparing your selection of vehicles for the showroom is not enough to attract prospective buyers. Your flooring is part of your sales team too. If you want your customers to have the best service and get them to purchase, do not just rely on your sales team as your showroom flooring can help sell cars when they enhance the presentation of the vehicles.

If you want to refurbish your car showroom flooring or if you have a new showroom that needs resurfacing, we offer flooring solutions that are durable and practical whilst attractive and pleasing to the eye to compliment your products.

Stonex 1-3mm

Can be used both outdoors and indoors, the Stones 1-3 mm is a natural coloured stone that binds together to form a smooth but textured surface. For car showroom flooring, Stonex 1-3mm should be pore filled so debris doesn’t have to accumulate in the spaces between the stones. This also enhances the surface making it look smooth and clear.

EpoxyFlex PH

EpoxyFlex PH is used on concrete surfaces that are subjected to mechanical and chemical loads, such as cars. It is a self-levelling coating on an epoxy resin base with static crack-bridging properties for foot and vehicle traffic.

Why Choose Pozzolanic Surfaces?

With years of experience in installing floorings, we are able to give you the best flooring for your commercial area. Our range of products combined with years of training on and off the field ensures that each of our projects is done and handled with great expertise and attention to detail. We have an expert team who could do a fast and flawless installation of the high-quality products we offer whilst ensuring that they are safe, easy to maintain and durable at the same time – all at a great price.

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